Daily Journaling Routine

Journaling on a frequent basis can be an amazing way to tap into gratitude as well as move through and process your emotions. Below are prompts that can be helpful on a more consistent basis.

Gratitude List:

List out five things you feel grateful for today. Instead of just going through the motions as you list them out, take ~30 seconds for each item to really feel into that gratitude. If for example it is your morning coffee, take 30 seconds to truly appreciate it and feel into the joy it brings you. This can be a great daily practice but note that if it is a day you are feeling lower, gratitude may not be the best as you need to allow yourself to feel and explore those other emotions. For days like that, try something like a fear dump.

Fear Dump:

If you are feeling anxious or facing resistance, doing a fear dump can be a great way to process these emotions.

  • To do this write out what is coming up for you.
  • What are you fearful of?
  • What is the anxiety stemming from and what is it trying to tell you?
  • List out the worst case scenario to get it out of your head and onto paper.
  • Now that it is on paper, ask yourself if this has to be the ultimate truth?
  • What would you want to happen instead?
  • Write out the best case scenario and breathe life into this alternative

Journal Prompts

  • What would make today amazing?
  • If there is something coming up you want to move through ask yourself what's going on under the surface?

If you're looking to dream and move through resistance to get to your next level, try these prompts:

  • Envision your next level self, how do they act? What do they know to be true? How do they carry themselves? How can you embody this NOW.
  • What is the truest and most beautiful version of your life?
  • If you could write out your ideal future and it would come true, what would you write? What would you build? How would it impact others?
  • What comes up that tells you this can't be true for you?
  • Do these doubts have to be the reality?
  • What needs to be shifted to create space for this reality?
  • What needs to be acknowledged to move forward?

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